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David Cascia
Owner & Operator, Fitness Therapy, Injury Rehabilitation

For almost a decade Elite Fitness has brought Carroll Gardens a constant and dedicated studio that has been part of the growth of our community’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

We have been able to adapt to the ever changing needs of our community members to allow them options that work in conjunction with their busy schedules.

From the overwhelming success of the childcare services. To the ever expanding Pilates, Yoga and Thai Yoga programming. We have become a main stay thanks to the tremendous support we have received while having to relocate on several occasions to accommodate our growing number of friends. Carroll Gardens is a wonderful place to live and work. We are happy to be a part of this caring neighborhoods journey.

Shawn Cain
Personal Trainer, Core Training, TRX, Kettle Bells


NPTI (National Personal Training Institute), TRX, Kettle Bell


300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program - Brain Kest's Santa Monica Power Yoga Studio

Shawn is originally from Texas, with 11 years of full-time personal training and group exercise experience and has worked at several different corporate gyms and private training and yoga studios in Los Angeles, San Francisco and now NYC.

Shawn has a B.A. in Business Economics from the University of California Santa Barbara.

Shawn is eager to design an exercise program for you and will pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure you receive the maximum results.

Shawn's specialties; Body Sculpting (improving body composition with increasing muscle tone and definition)

Functional Movement Training (improving flexibility and mobility)

TRX (Bodyweight Suspension Training)

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Weight/Fat Loss

Core strength and body alignment enhancement (posture)

Shawn is a Former Cross-Country and Baseball athlete.

Shawn's Motto: "Apply what is useful, disregard what is useless and add what is specifically your own." Bruce Lee

Sonny Thai
Personal Trainer, Core Training, Cycling, TRX, Kettle Bells, Zumba Dance

Sonny grew up in Sydney Australia and now lives in Brooklyn, New York. He's a fitness professional and has been in the fitness industry over eight years. Sonny is qualified in personal training and group fitness/boot camp instructing. He later added sport remedial massage to his accomplishments.

Sonny loves the way the human body works and enjoys seeing the changes to an individual's fitness, confidence and body transformation.

Sonny's true passion lies in group fitness, where he gets to share in the party through heart racing workouts that are fun, contains laughter and of course sweating.

When Sonny's not working, he enjoys an active social lifestyle, such as heading out for a good run at the beach, kayaking, rock climbing or a delicious bite with some close friends. He also enjoys pumping beats ranging from Pop, RnB, Rock, Latin, Country and House that he can sing to. This of course depends on his mood and how he feels on that day. To chill out he'd rather have a massage, a dip in the water, cooking or enjoying a great view with an amazing cup of coffee.

Sonny's motto, "I believe everyone has choices in everything they do as long you stay positive and thrive for your goals. Nothing is impossible, there's always more than one way to reach it!"

Victor Reyes
Personal Trainer

Victor Reyes is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist(CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association(NSCA) and certified through Precision Nutrition for nutritional counseling.

Victor's training focuses on weight loss, strength training and sports performance.

Victor also has speciality certifications in kettlebells, sandbags, and TRX suspension trainer.

Victor believes in working hard and having fun on the journey towards your results and goals.

Florence "Flo" Cabre-Andrews
Iyengar Yoga

Florence Cabre-Andrews, affectionately called Flo, committed to the practice and teachings of yoga when she became a mother. It helped her parent with more mindfulness.

She is an E-500hr RYT and holds prenatal as well as children's yoga certifications.

She teaches alignment based classes and is currently enrolled in the Iyengar Yoga Association of Greater New York Teacher Training.

Her practice has deeply transformed her life, helping her find more joy, stability and faith in finding the spiritual in every day life.

Before yoga, Flo earned the equivalency of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama after studying at the "Theatre Atelier Paris sud" (TAPS) with Sarah Sanders.

Shannon Haick
Vinyasa Yoga

I'm a former worry wart turned Yogini …now a peaceful warrior seeking deliberate stillness, peaceful edges and freedom to shine from the inside out.

I'm originally from Niagara Falls, NY. My Bhakti (devotion) at that time was at the Falls and my serenity was the Niagara Gorge. My connection to yoga started when I was 13 years old. I would stand on my head and talk on the phone … I didn't even know it was yoga … I just knew it felt right.

More recently, I followed my love and moved to NYC in 2003 and after six years of searching to find my peace, I finally found myself at Sonic Yoga where I completed my 200 Hour certification with Lauren Hanna, Johanna Aldrich & Will Duprey. Now laughing at myself and finding myself happy and free I joined the Shiva Rea tribe working on my advanced certification in the 500 hour Prana Flow program.

The child in me is silly and laughs and plays with our yoga practice, the Kapha in me enjoys melting and surrendering to the earth and the New Yorker I've become craves peace from the everyday hustle.

Tessa Wright
Open Yoga, Pilates

Tessa has been involved in dance and yoga for over 18 years. She passionately studies a variety of techniques and combines them for a unique experience. Tessa received her certification in 2009 at the Integral Yoga Institute under the teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda. The Integral Yoga technique consists of a series of steady comfortable postures that help to calm the mind and tone the body.

Tessa is experienced with working with dancers, office employees, and beginners to utilize the benefits of this ancient art form. Whether one on one or in a group setting, Tessa strives to make every student feel comfortable as though the class is catered to them. Students have plenty of room to fully stretch and ambiance is kept to a minimum allowing the student to focus within. Class times range from 45 minute to over an hour. It includes a warm up, strength building postures, gentle stretching, deep relaxation, breathing practices and meditation.

Mike Sherman

Colette Lenaghan

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland Colette has lived in the United States for 17 years.

She's a full-time history teacher and football (soccer) coach and player. When she is not playing football, she loves to watch sports and support the mighty Tottenham Hotspur and the famous Glasgow Celtic!

Colette is a Schwinn certified Spinning Instructor and a graduate of Byklyn Cycling mentorship program.

Colette's spinning class is energetic, fun and I always have one or two 80’s throwback tunes in the playlist! Her goal is to ensure the class is exciting and it keeps you physically challenged. Let’s Go Team Awesome!

Dahlia Valle

Dahlia is so excited to be here! She has been an avid indoor cycler for two years, and finally decided to get certified this spring to share her joy for music and movement with everyone else. She has a background in theater, dance and weight training. Her positivity and excitement shines through in her classes, and will help motivate you to work hard.

Dahlia's music choices are eclectic, ranging from contemporary pop to 90's R&B to classic rock. She's willing to take requests, too! Come take her class, she's looking forward to meeting you!

Bree Frazier
Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Pre/Post Natal Specialist

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer


Trigger Point Therapy, Progressive Bodyweight Training, Pre/Post Natal Exercise

Bree is a 200hr RYT Yoga instructor and personal trainer by profession.

Growing up in Bangkok, Thailand, horseback riding and dancing were a staple in her life teaching her the importance of movement and staying active.

She is trained in hot yoga from Absolute Yoga Academy in Thailand. Thai culture made Bree aware of Yoga’s mobility and strength benefits at an early age. Her instructions focus on proper alignment and posture; making sure students reach their full stretch within each asana safely.

Bree is also a NASM accredited personal trainer. Her interest in personal training stemmed from her yoga practice as she found herself yearning to be stronger to improve certain poses.

She likes working with clients looking to increase their strength and overall tone, and older clients that want to increase their mobility. She wants to help clients become aware that lifting weights will not make them bulky, but will keep them fit and toned.

T'ai Jamar Hanna
Licensed Massage Therapist, Thai Yoga and Sports Massage Specialization, Movement Specialist, Advanced Yoga Teacher and Trainer, MS, LMT, 500-hr ERYT

T'ai Jamar was born and raised under the southwest skies of New Mexico. She has always loved nature, ritual, and mindful practices. At a young age,T'ai's mom, Dr Fiquet Duckworth, DOM taught her Reiki and Reflexology. In her late teens, she discovered Dharma Punx, Vipassana meditation, African dance, and yoga. In 1996, her first yoga teacher, Mitra Tredway, offered to trade private Iyengar lessons for massage. With strong hands, an open heart and informed touch, T'ai said yes! T'ai Jamar fell in love with yoga.

As an intercollegiate soccer player, dancer, and mover, she learned early on the importance of self-care and integrative approaches to health and balance. She found yoga enhanced her mental performance and increased her physical flexibility. She will often say, yoga saved her life.

In 2006, T'ai Jamar took her first 200-hour yoga teacher training with Paula Tursi, Reflections Yoga which included 40-hours of Foundational Thai Massage. T'ai fell in love (again) with Thai Yoga Bodywork

T'ai has continued training with Reflections Yoga, acquiring 500-hours, as well as certifications in pre-natal yoga, Level One Yoga Tune UpⓇ, Level One Anya Mat Pilates, Osteo Thai (Lulyani) along with hundreds of training hours in Thai massage and yoga therapy.

She leads international workshops and trainings. Based in NYC, she was the Thai Massage practitioner in the physical/rehab program for the Fela Broadway cast in 2009. In 2011, she participated in a 6-day Human cadaver training with Gil Hedley, building a profound knowledge and passion for the anatomical and fascial systems.

In 2013, she completed an Occupational Associate Degree in Massage Therapy at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine/NYC, with an emphasis in sports massage. Along with an internship with the Joffrey School of Ballet, medical massage/clinical practicum and hours of private tutelage from teachers, PTs, bodyworkers and healers, T'ai Jamar Hanna obtained her NYS- LMT: New York in State License in Massage Therapy in 2014.

She has integrated the arts of poetry and dance into eastern and western modalities to offer precise and authentic instruction on movement, mindfulness, and massage. And she loves what she does.

Caitlin Lavelle
Personal Trainer, Open Yoga, Pre-/Post-Natal Specialist




Yoga Tune Up® Roll Model Method ®, Animal Flow I and II

I'm Caitlin. I work with curious, intelligent and passionate women ages 25- 45 who want to transform inside and out by helping them reach and surpass their health and fitness goals.

I'm a certified personal trainer and registered yoga teacher who tailors a 1:1 yoga and/or pre-/post-natal program for clients at home or at the studio.

I specialize in unlocking mental and physical obstacles through corrective exercise/yoga tools and consistent, progressive programming.